A wonderful man to work with. If you ask around for recommendations, everyone would be pointing you to him. We now know they all had a reason, he is just a wonderful person.


Tim was great to work with. He helped me out tremendously with a traffic citation. Would definitely recommend him and his services.


Mr Johnson was really professional and answered any and all questions i had.

Matthew G

I highly recommend Timothy Johnson, especially if you are dealing with an education/school matter through the courts. He is very knowledgeable, responsive, and isn't afraid of a challenge. If you want an attorney who will fight for you or your child, this is the one. He was able to jump into my child's hearing at the disposition point, and completely change the outcome that the court appointed attorney, the Guardian ad litem, and the Commonwealth had all pushed as necessary and inflexible. They sought punitive consequences for non-deliberate actions that were a result of a medically documented condition impacting my child's attendance. These individuals, who I doubt had anything close to the level of education law knowledge Mr. Johnson has, clearly did not understand the underlying cause of the infraction or its interconnected nature with attendance, that it was a medical issue and not deliberate behavior, nor were they willing to even consider it. Even though she had made progress, progress that was commensurate with what her physicians stated in writing was reasonable, they sought to punish her with the threat of juvenile detention in order to bring about compliance with compulsory attendance. However, after retaining Timothy Johnson to replace court appointed counsel, he was able to present the real issues even at this late stage and as a result changed the outcome for the better. Remember, the Judge may be the fairest person in the world but if you don't have a good attorney to put that information before the Judge, the Judge is limited to the record before him. We will be forever grateful for Mr. Johnson's quick thinking and immediate actions, because I know that time in juvenile detention would have likely derailed all progress my child had made with her interconnected medical conditions. Mr. Johnson kept us informed every step of the way. He was thorough in his review of the material and absolutely brilliant. It also helps that he was affordably priced and his billing is honorable, as I know he put in far more time on my child's case than he ever billed. At all times, we felt like my child was his first priority. I only wish we had met him in the beginning instead of going through several hearings with a court appointed attorney that did not seem to have any understanding of the complex medical and educational issues involved. The outcome we received in the final order was the very outcome we had sought from the school for three years. We had simply asked that in regard to attendance, to only hold her legally accountable under the compulsory attendance laws to that which her medical professionals agreed was reasonable while still allowing her to keep reaching for an even better goal. Since meeting Mr. Johnson, who gave her (and us) the support we needed, she has excelled beyond our wildest expectations. Mr. Johnson isn't just an attorney, he changes lives for the better and he believes in your child.

T Castro

Tim has offered to be our "on call" attorney for FISH of Clarke County whenever a client may come into some trouble. Already he has spent time explaining landlord/renter's rights to me so I can be a better counselor and advocate. Thank you, Tim , for being an integral part of our community!


Did a great job explaining that I was protected and he's a very knowledgeable. Would recommend to everybody.


I consulted Tim last night and he responded that same night and we talked on the phone the next morning. He gave me great advice and even ask me to keep him in the loop with what is going on. Thanks Tim